Murtagh a Tolkien (nejen)

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Little Indians

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Hi our Indians,
we are from Czech republic, you know (meybe). Our name are Theresa, Jane, Kate and Monika. We are studying at Arcibishop grammer school in 8.A...
Jane´s all name is Jane Špačková.

Jane: " I like playing to the flute, I love read some books and I like sleep on my bed =). My favourite actor is Orlando Bloom. I have three   brothers and one sister Helena. I love food (raisins). I was born in 3rd October 1993."

Theresa: " Hi, I love Murtagh (It is a stature from fantasy book Eragon). I have a web: eat raisins every evening. I like read some books by J.R.R.Tolkien. I like traveling. I visited Paris, London, Roma,Venezia, Greece, Croatia, Slovakia, and in 2014 I and Kate will go to north Rusia.  I love my catty Jacky. He is a black, nice and lovely. I have one sister-Peggy (8 years old) and brother- Tom (10 years old). I´m very very crazy. I was born in 3rd June 1994. I´m live in the country in small village in small house with my family...and my catty and sister´s hamster..."

Monika: "I like a History. i love every history books. I have a little brother. His name is Jája. I´ll be an archeologist. My all name is Monika Vernerová. I love nutts and raisins. I like blue and yellow colours. I have curly hair and glass. I was born in 21st January 1994."

Kate: " I love Murtagh. I´m in fanclub on football team Hradíšťko.I like fantasy and history books. I love horses and cat. I have older brother Johnny. I love raisins and chocolate. I was born in 2nd April 1994. I like black and blues colours. I live in Prague."

Please you are asking for our questions:
What are your names?
How old are you?
What do you know your fairy tales?
What books do you have in home or your school?
What are your hobbys?
What are your favorite foods?

We are very happy, besause we can write with you...very thanks!!!

Theresa, Jane, Kate, Monika
And you write as soon as possible...Bye bye

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Ahojte,chodím na tyhl stránky poměrně často,takže pokud něco,tak nebo pište tady do dizkuzí=) mějte se kráááásně...